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River Catchment Reanalysis

In cooperation with the Transregional Collaborative Reserach Centre 32 (TR32), an experimental river catchment reanalysis is developed. The approach is based on the experiences of the groups involved with the system being a synthesis of developments of HErZ Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics (the basic reanalysis system), TR32 (the coupled terrestrial modeling plattform TerrSysMP) and the Research and Development group on Data Assimilation at DWD (the KENDA ensemble data assimilation system). The system is intended to simulate physical processes in the the atmosphere (COSMO), land surface (CLM) as well as the sub-surface (ParFlow) including ground water flow with a horizontal resolution of 1km for the atmosphere and 500m for land surface and sub-surface while assimilating conventional observations as well as weather radar data.



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