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These regional reanalyses provide quality‐controlled and homogenized data sets as a basis for the detection and assessment of regional climate change in past and future, the development of applications in various fields as well as the verification and calibration of impact models like e.g. hydrological models.

Available reanalysis data sets

While several reanalysis systems and products are currently in development, three reanalysis data sets are publicly available.

  • COSMO-REA6 - a regional reanalysis covering the European continent at 6km horizontal resolution
  • COSMO-REA2 - a regional reanalysis covering Central Europe at the convection-permitting setup with 2km horizontal resolution
  • COSMO-ENS-REA12 - a regional ensemble reanalysis covering the European continent at 12km horizontal resolution

While the research group and its partners are further developing the regional reanalysis systems in multiple projects, work for generating derived fields by the application of post-processing methods to the regional reanalysis data sets are also under way with post-processed solar radiation fields for COSMO-REA6 already available.

Requests for data not yet available for download or questions regarding the reanalysis should be send to

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