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Schematic diagram of COSMO-REA6The high-resolution reanalysis system COSMO-REA6 has been developed based on the NWP model COSMO. The regional reanalysis system for Continental Europe matches the domain of the CORDEX EURO-11 specifications, albeit at a higher spatial resolution, i.e., 0.055° (6 km) instead of 0.11° (12 km). It comprises the assimilation of observational data using the existing nudging scheme of COSMO complemented by snow, SST and soil moisture analysis modules and uses ERA‐Interim data as lateral boundary conditions. The reanalysis data set covers the period 1995 to August 2019. Due to the end of production of the forcing global reanalysis ERA-Interim, COSMO-REA6 has also been discontinued. A second version of COSMO-REA6 is currently under development at DWD.

Requests for data not yet available for download or questions regarding the reanalysis should be send to


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