COSMO Regional Reanalysis

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  • Bollmeyer, C., J. D. Keller, C. Ohlwein, S. Bentzien, S. Crewell, P. Friederichs, A. Hense, J. Keune, S. Kneifel, I. Pscheidt, S. Redl, S. Steinke (2015): Towards a high-resolution regional reanalysis for the European CORDEX domain, Q. J. Royal Met. Soc., 141 (686), 1-15 (link to article)
  • Wahl, S., C. Bollmeyer, S. Crewell, C. Figura, P. Friederichs, A. Hense, J. D. Keller, C. Ohlwein (2017): A novel convective-scale regional reanalyses COSMO-REA2: Improving the representation of precipitation, Meteorol. Z., accepted (link to PDF)

  • Frank, C. W., S. Wahl, J.D. Keller, B. Pospichal, A. Hense, S. Crewell, 2018: A novel data set for solar energy applications based on high resolution reanalysis, Solar Energy, 164, 12-24 (link to article)

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