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Post-Processed Radiation

A first evaluation of the European COSMO-REA6 reanalysis data set with respect to the representation of global horizontal radiation using the quality-controlled measurements of the Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN) revealed systematic underestimation under clear sky conditions and overestimation during cloudy conditions.
Therefore a post-processing using orthogonal distance regression has been developed and applied in order to reduce the deviation of the reanalysis from the observations. Cross validation results show a general reduction of systematic biases for independent sites for the post-processed (COSMO-REA6pp) data set.

The post-processed data set is available for download in a 15-minute interval on the European COSMO-REA6 domain at 6km horizontal resolution:

The netCDF-files contain original and post-processed instantaneous data:

Variable Description Level/Type Period
GLOB_RAD_PP Post-processed global radiation  surface 1995-2014 
GLOB_RAD Global radiation from COSMO-REA6 surface 1995-2014

  • Frank, C., S. Wahl, J. D. Keller, B. Pospichal, A. Hense, S. Crewell (2018): A novel data set for solar energy applications based on high resolution reanalysis, Solar Energy, 164, 12-24,

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