COSMO Regional Reanalysis

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Source: Hans-Ertel-Centre for Weather Research • Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics (Universities Bonn and Cologne)
support by German Meteorological Service (DWD)
Model Version: COSMO 4.28
Data Assimilation: Continuous nudging of
- Radiosondes (PILOT, TEMP)
- Aircraft measurements (AIREP, AMDAR, ACARS)
- Wind profiler
- Station data (SYNOP, SHIP, DRIBU)
Latent heat nudging of radar derived precipitation (every 5 minutes)
Additional analysis module
- Snow analysis (every 6 hours)
Lateral boundary: COSMO-REA6
Area: Central Europe
Spatial resolution:  0.018° gridspacing
724x780 grid points
50 vertical levels  
Time range: 2007-2013
Model output:  15 min (2D fields)
60 min (3D fields) 
Output format:  GRIB 1, rotated spherical


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